Die Extraction and Reassembly (DER)

Original part package, as received.

Harvested part after extraction process. All package encapsulant has been removed from die face, edges, and back side.

Resulting pads each have a wire-formed, diamond-lapped, planar bonding surface at a uniform height.

Aurora’s Superior Planar Bonding Surface Process

Aurora's Planar Bonding Surface Process provides a pristine flat surface, suitable for rebond

No voids or trapped contaminants; die fully planarized
Same surface area as the original ball or wedge bond
Compatible with Al, Cu wedge bond or Au ball bond
Original bond-to-pad interface remains unchanged

Best for high reliability applications

Conventional Ball Bond Removal leaves a remnant of the wire

Potential for trapped contaminants and non-conformities
Partial surface area contact can increase resistance
Unsuitable for Al wedge bonds

This will affect long term reliability and performance

Aurora Planar Bonding Surface

Solving Microelectronic Obsolescence

Benefits of Die extraction and reassembly for obsolete IC replacement:

  1. Availability: Commercially-plentiful components can be repackaged and retested to mil-aero conditions
  2. Counterfeit risk mitigation: Determining device authenticity is accomplished during extraction
  3. Repackage for harsh environment: High temperature and vibration survivability may require ceramic packages rather than common plastic packages
  4. Time: Redesigning and qualifying a new design can be a prohibitively lengthy process
  5. Cost: The OCM's minimum lot charge to manufacture an obsolete product can be prohibitively expensive

Original part as received

X-Ray of plastic package to determine lead frame locations and pin-outs to die

Initial frontside decap run, to observe chemical compatability to die surface and pads

Higher magnification to confirm pin-out and die revision details

Solder Bump Removal and Die Thinning

Die are received with solder bumps which need to be removed to allow reuse of the die.

Bumps removed. Die shown also thinned to desired customer thickness for repackaging.